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The Magic of the MVP Method
 FREE Discovery Session:
The Lean Startup Methodology has been instrumental in helping startups like Dropbox and AirBNB get off the ground, and build solutions that their customers loved.

Learn how you can use the Minimum Viable Product method to get your idea going, by taking advantage of our free MVP discovery session with MVP experts IT Enterprise Limited.
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What you will learn on your discovery session:
  •  Deep exploration of your idea: its feasibility, consideration of the best solution, and defining the core features.
  •  Understand your business model.
  •  Identify key stakeholders.
  •  Investigate the subject area/industry and its pain points.
  •  Identify how the app could resolve these pain points.
  •  Determine the target audience and end users of the product.
  •  Define the project scope and core application features.
  •  Determine likely project timescales.
  •  Identify key priorities.
  •  (If relevant) Discuss payment service options available to use in the app.
  •  Learn how we would approach building your app
  •  Receive a roadmap for your project.
Also get these free bonuses:
Key Information To Get Your Idea Off The Ground
The Magic of the MVP Method is our ebook which will help you understand the MVP approach, and how to validate your idea without wasting time and money on things your customers don't want or need.

This book is free for everyone who signs up for a discovery session.
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Also get access to our 8 recommended videos, giving you insight into how the Minimum Viable Product approach works in real life.
  • Video: What is an MVP
  • Video: How to create a Minimum Viable Product for an App
  •  Video: Keys to a Successful MVP (Product) Launch
  •  Video: Eric Ries (Author of "The Lean Startup") explains the case for why startups should develop an MVP
  •  Video: 3 Awesome MVPs
  •  Video: An Explanation of the Lean Approach and MVPs
  •  Video: Eric Ries (Author of "The Lean Startup") talks at Google
  •  Bonus: The Drop Demo Video - Demonstrating DropBox as an MVP
Simply Enter Your Name, Email Address And Phone Number Below:
Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe.
What previous clients have said:
“IT Enterprise was beyond terrific – from their attitude and enthusiasm to their knowledge and experience with IT tools; they delivered the project on time and have proven to be everything and more that a company could possibly wish for. To say our experience with IT Enterprise has been awesome would be an understatement.”
I am sending this email just to express my satisfaction from this great software! I could not tell you how important it was to have it during the development of 2 major projects we are doing. Not only has it helped us track defects, it created discipline in the company and a culture around it. Many Thanks.
“We first contacted IT Enterprise to look at writing a software platform for us to help our customers manage our products easier. The project was carried out in line with the timescales agreed and we will continue to use IT Enterprise to create more projects! We would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone for a wide range of IT solutions. “
“We've been working with ITE for the last 12 months and they've been a huge asset to our business. They've helped us build and develop a range of digital products for our customers and they're fast, responsive and reliable. I would recommend them to other businesses seeking a reliable IT partner to help them with their digital product development.”
“Excellent service and great people. Very honest, knowledgeable, responsive and great at what they do. I recommend for any business (start up or enterprise) who needs development, technical support, or anything IT related.”
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